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When computers first came into existence, they were rudimentary and could perform only basic tasks. It was only a matter of time before computers evolved to be the sophisticated machines we see today. The ability of computers to do increasingly complex tasks has grown exponentially. Today, not only are computers able to handle complex tasks, their size has reduced and their performance speed increased dramatically. It has opened up a whole new field of employment opportunities for those who are interested.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a branch of IT and can be broadly defined as programming computers to be as intelligent as humans when performing a task. It is the art of making intelligent computer software. By using Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to create a Computer using AI software, which not only thinks like humans, but also can learn from its mistakes.

Course Modules

  • Module 01: Introduction to AI.
  • Module 02: Intelligent agents, uninformed search.
  • Module 03: Heuristic search, A* algorithm.
  • Module 04: Adversarial search, games.
  • Module 05: Constraint Satisfaction Problems.
  • Module 06: AI applications (NLP).
  • Module 07: AI applications (Vision/Robotics).