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IOS APPLICATION SECURITY TESTING The ubiquity of the Apple iOS mobile platform and growing threats to mobile applications calls for increased vigilance on the part of organizations developing iOS software applications. This hands-on 1-day course introduces students to the iOS application architecture and how to perform security analysis of iOS applications and devices. The course also includes hands-on exercises where students are provided the opportunity to model attacks and perform penetration testing and reverse engineering of an iPhone/iPad application. THIS COURSE Introduces the iOS application framework and major software components involved in. iOS programming. Introduces iOS security controls as well as discusses potential security gaps. Provides guidance on analyzing, reverse engineering, and decompiling iOS applications. Includes hands-on lab exercises on penetration testing and reverse engineering an iOS application. OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE Understand the iOS ecosystem and application architecture. Understand components of the iOS data storage and security models. Identify specific threats and risks associated with the iOS mobile platform. Perform a hands-on penetration test and reverse engineer an iOS application. REQUIREMENTS Before attending this course, students should be familiar with: Common security concepts Basic knowledge of the Linux OS Development background and basic knowledge of the IOS development platform.