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  • Module 1: Tableau Course Material

    o Start Page
    o Show Me
    o Connecting to Excel Files
    o Connecting to Text Files
    o Connect to Microsoft SQL Server
    o Connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services
    o Creating and Removing Hierarchies
    o Bins
    o Joining Tables<
    > o Data Blending<
    br> Module 2: Learn Tableau Basic Reports

    o Parameters
    o Grouping Example 1
    o Grouping Example 2
    o Edit Groups Set
    o Combined Sets
    o Creating a First Report
    o Data Labels
    o Create Folders
    o Sorting Data
    o Add Totals, Sub Totals and Grand Totals to Report

    Module 3: Learn Tableau Charts

    o Area Chart
    o Bar Chart
    o Box Plot
    o Bubble Chart
    o Bump Chart
    o Bullet Graph
    o Circle Views
    o Dual Combination Chart
    o Dual Lines Chart
    o Funnel Chart
    o Traditional Funnel Charts
    o Gantt Chart
    o Grouped Bar or Side by Side Bars Chart
    o Heatmap
    o Highlight Table
    o Histogram
    o Cumulative Histogram
    o Line Chart
    o Lollipop Chart
    o Pareto Chart
    o Pie Chart
    o Scatter Plot
    o Stacked Bar Chart
    o Text Label
    o Tree Map
    o Word Cloud
    o Waterfall Chart

    Module 4: Learn Tableau Advanced Reports

    o Dual Axis Reports
    o Blended Axis
    o Individual Axis
    o Add Reference Lines
    o Reference Bands
    o Reference Distributions
    o Basic Maps
    o Symbol Map
    o Use Google Maps
    o Mapbox Maps as a Background Map
    o WMS Server Map as a Background Map

    Module 5: Learn Tableau Calculations & Filters

    o Calculated Fields
    o Basic Approach to Calculate Rank
    o Advanced Approach to Calculate Ra
    o Calculating Running Total
    o Filters Introduction
    o Quick Filters
    o Filters on Dimensions
    o Conditional Filters
    o Top and Bottom Filters
    o Filters on Measures
    o Context Filters
    o Slicing Fliters
    o Data Source Filters
    o Extract Filters

    Module 6: Learn Tableau Dashboards

    o Create a Dashboard
    o Format Dashboard Layou
    o Create a Device Preview of a Dashboard
    o Create Filters on Dashboard
    o Dashboard Objects
    o Create a Story

    Module 7: Server

    o Tableau online.
    o Overview of Tableau Server.
    o Publishing Tableau objects and scheduling/subscription.